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Cinnamon Cockatiel

If you have decided to adopt an exotic bird, you should consider cockatiels. They are incredibly friendly and they like being with human beings. In addition, like parrots, cockatiels are capable of speaking or repeating what you learn them. However, it is said that the words they repeat are not as clear as the ones parrots can say.

But the most important thing when buying a cockatiel is that we will have a friend to care and to play with. Remember that there may be an exception to the rule and your cockatiel cannot speak. Moreover, they tend to imitate sounds or noises around them such as mobile phones, microwave buzzers, etc.

For instance, a cinnamon cockatiel can be perfect for people who live in small houses or apartments. This beautiful cockatiel was seen for the first time in the bush in Western Australian. Like pearls, cinnamons obtained their color through a sex-linked recessive mutation. In cockatiels, color does not look the same because tones vary, even in the same family of cockatiels.

Once you have found the professional information required to care a cinnamon and you have purchased it, you can plan some time to spend with it every day. During this time, you can also train it to talk. First, you can play a compact disc that repeats a phrase or some words frequently. It may encourage your cinnamon to use its voice. In general, cinnamons like hearing human voice, so speak to it loudly. When entering the room, you should always say “hello” and repeat your cockatiel’s name.

These simple tips described above can help you to enjoy your cinnamon cockatiel talk. So, you can try them because they are easy and they will not disturb your bird’s life. Apart from teaching your cockatiel to talk, you should care it properly to make it have a long and happy life.