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Cockatiel Care

Are you thinking about buying a beautiful cockatiel and adopt it? If your answer is “yes”, you will need some useful tips to care it properly. If you care your cockatiel by following the professional recommendations that an avian vet is ready to give you, it will have a long and happy life.

Cockatiel care requires to investigate on these friendly birds. So, it will be very useful to search over the Internet or ask some basic questions to an avian vet. You should know details about the type of cage it needs, where to place the cage, food, medicine, time you should spend with it, etc.

You will need patience because a new bird is usually afraid of sounds, people etc. Therefore, it may take time to become accustomed to its new owner and cage.

Every day stay in front of the cage for some minutes and talk to your cockatiel. After four days, let it stay out of the cage for a while in order to make it feel confident about its surroundings. If it tries to bite you, say “no”. After some time, this order will make your bird refrain from biting. Once your cockatiel has started trusting you, you can play with it. It will surely show you what it likes doing.

Although your bird looks healthy, it is necessary to take it to the vet at least once a year to be checked up. Add vitamins to you bird’s water and only give it healthy snacks. Buy high quality appropriated food. Cockatiel care also includes keeping its cage very clean to avoid diseases.

Care means “love” as well. So, if you really love your cockatiel, you will show your love through the right care. If you do so, you will share with it many years of your life.