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Lutino Cockatiel

Human beings and birds have developed an incredible relationship since they met each other millions of years ago. They have been friends in different ways.

Nowadays, many people are fond of birds, especially those which have beautiful feathers, are very active or can talk. In addition, there are people who like watching birds and organize special expeditions to do this activity around the world.

One of the most admired exotic birds is the Lutino cockatiel from Australia. Like others cockatiels, these birds have a lively personality and easygoing nature. Despite that, they require the attention of their owners because they are extremely active and they like having company.

Lutinos have white or whitish feathers and they can be recognized very easily due to their orange cheek patches. Females and males have not exactly the same colors. Females have yellow stripes in the tail feathers.

At present, many cockatiel species have become the favorite pet of lots of persons around the world. Therefore, they are very popular and there is much information about them on the Internet. Despite that, it is vital to know every detail related to their care before buying one.

Lutinos do not need much room to live comfortable. You mainly need a particular place of the house or apartment where it can feel happy. In order to obtain some data about food and behavior, you can visit an avian vet who will be the perfect person to answer these sorts of questions. It is thought that cockatiels’ immune system is weak, so give it all the special care it requires.

Lutino cockatiels love interaction, so you will show it your love. In addition, you can offer it some toys to make it play when you are not at home. These factors will strength its general condition and it will keep him healthy and happy.