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Pearl Cockatiel

Birds are incredible companions which are always ready to share great moments with us. In order to enjoy life with them, it is necessary to know them well. For this reason, you can search over the Internet detailed and specific information about the bird you are interested in.

Among exotic birds, there is a group which has become very popular. The members of this group are cockatiels!

If you want to choose a pearl cockatiel to be your loved pet, it has a color variation which surprises people when knowing them. The most remarkable feature of these cockatiels is the peal markings they have.

Pearls are a mutation bred by human beings. The first ones were bred in Germany in the 1960’s. Scientists explain that pearls have been obtained due to a sex linked mutation and they can be combined with other cockatiel mutations.

Pearls are as friendly companions as any other type of cockatiel and you should follow the same caring guide for them. They can live about 20 years if they have all what they require: food, clean water, a good avian vet to cure it in case of illness and love!

Before bringing your new friend at home, you should prepare the place where it will live. Firstly, purchase a square or rectangular cage because it will give your bird a sense of security. Second, make sure that the bars in the cage are small enough to avoid getting trapped.

Pearl cockatiels are very active and lively birds, so they need the opportunity to exercise out of the cage at least one hour a day. Naturally, you should be there to check your pearl is protected from dangerous cords, other pets or open doors and windows. Your bird will feel very happy to share this moment with you, so you can use some toys to play together.