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Umbrella Cockatoo

The Umbrella Cockatoo or commonly called White Cockatoo is that beautiful white parrot with gray beak and remarkable crest that expands especially when it is agitated. Most parrots of this kind are found in certain Indonesian forests and woodlands.

The Umbrella Cockatoo is considered among the most in-demand of all species of parrots for its high level of intelligence and sociability.

The Umbrella Cockatoo has an amazing 80-year life span. One factor is their not being sensitive to foods. Nuts and seeds are their favorite meals but it is also advisable to give them fresh fruits and vegetables from which they can get the minerals they need. These are helpful treats especially when training them to develop good behaviors.

The Umbrella Cockatoos are basically aggressive. They have a habit of plucking their own feather, screaming, and biting mostly when they get bored. Pet Cockatoo owners should be careful when rearing their own because of this. Negligence sometimes leads them to becoming destructive, reason why keeping them as pets requires a lot of patience and understanding. They need at least six hours a day of bonding with their owners for them to feel loved.

The Umbrella Cockatoo breeds in trees. Both the male and female Umbrella Cockatoo share the responsibility f incubating their eggs which are usually laid in pairs. When the eggs hatch, the young cockatoos wait 80 days or more before they separate.

Due to their vulnerability, the Umbrella Cockatoo becomes close to being endangered. Illegal trade, import and export, and loss of natural habitat are the main reasons why they become lesser in numbers.