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EclectusEclectus is a beautiful exotic bird, originated from the Cape York Peninsula of Australia, the islands of Indonesia, the Solomon Islands, and New Guinea. There are several sub-species of Eclectus including: Solomon Island, Red-Sided, Grand, Biaki, Vosmaeri and McGillvary.

Classified among the top three parrots for there talking ability, rivaling the Amazon parrots and the African Grey in clarity of speech and scope of vocabulary. They tend to repeat words, phrases and interesting sounds learned from their human companions.

The male Eclectus usually has red under wings and a translucent green body. Some subspecies have more red color on them. Vosmaeria males have a yellow band on the tail. Females are normally yellow, red and mauve. Sometimes they are red and have a royal blue underside and under wings with  maroon colored  wings.

Beaks are orange/yellow on the males and black on the females.

In the USA, Eclectus can fetch well over $1000 so they are quite an expensive bird. You must ensure that you have adequate facilities, time and patience before deciding to keep an Eclectus as a pet.

They have a large wingspan so the cage must be made big enough to accommodate this. Daily exercise is a must, this should be kept in mind, and so their cage must be wide enough so that they can flap their wings vigorously. You should provide for a bigger cage if the bird is going to spend a good deal of time in side the cage. Many owners let the Eclectus out of the cage for several hours a day to ensure they receive adequate stimulation and socialization.

Eclectics can live up to 30 years so they are a long term commitment. They can be taught to talk and are able to imitate people. They are fun loving birds which can be a little rowdy at times, but that is half the fun! They will also tend to mimic what they hear on TV which can be amusing when visitors come into your house and hear your bird quoting lines from Terminator 2!

Eclectus enjoy eating pellets, fruit, vegetables and legumes. Eclectus love to eat and many owners can’t believe the amount and speed at which they eat their food!

Eclectus are very playful birds and love toys and handing upside down in the cage. They love to be around their owner and bond well.

They are intelligent and observant and are rarely fearful.

Eclectus are a joyful bird to keep as a pet provided you are aware of its demands and needs for a happy and healthy existence.