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Peach Faced Lovebirds

Peach Faced LovebirdsIf you are a bird lover and want to keep one as your pet, it’s time to do so. Well, you may wonder how to do so? The task is pretty simple! In order to pet an animal or bird all you need to have is immense love for it. You should always remember that birds and animals are speechless creatures; therefore you need to have great patience to understand their language. Believe me; the task will become pretty simple once you learn to take care of the bird.

In this article, we will mainly focus on Peach faced lovebird and its different aspects. The scientific name of Peach faced lovebird is Agapornis roseicollis. They are most commonly referred to as Rosy faced Lovebird. They are also a certain variety of lovebirds that belongs to the arid regions. They are commonly found in parts of Southwestern Africa like Namib Desert.

The Peach faced lovebird keeps on chirping loudly almost throughout the day. They are highly social and sometimes remain in some small groups. These birds like to eat something or the other constantly in the entire day. They are also fond of frequent baths.

The colors of these love birds can vary significantly. The female birds usually have a dark and green body color. On the other hand, the male birds have a small and bright body.

The lovebirds are well-known for their patterns of sleep. While sleeping, one bird sits next to the other and also turns their faces towards one another. Thus, the sleeping pattern of the lovebirds is a fascinating sight to watch. The females also have a very significant aspect…… they tear down the ‘raw materials’ into some long strips. Then they tie the raw materials on their backs & fly to distant areas for making a nest. Therefore, isn’t it an amazing effort on their part.

The ‘Peach faced Lovebird’ species is quite small in shape. It has a length of 17 to 18 centimeters. The length of their wings is 106 mm & their tails have a length ranging somewhere in between 44 to 52 mm.

As far as the color of these birds is concerned, the wild birds mostly have a green body color with a bluish rump. The throat and face of the bird are pink in color. Their forehead as well as over the eyes have a darker shade of pink. The color of the bill is horn and their iris has a brownish tinge. Their feet and legs are grey in color. The juvenile lovebirds have pale pink throat and face. Their beaks have a brown base. The crown and fore crown of these species is significantly green in color.

The peach faced lovebirds are most commonly found in open and dry countries like southwest Africa. It can also be seen in the northwest regions of South Africa. It depends on water sources & accumulates around some pools for drinking purposes.

These birds have a sharp pitch of voice. They often produce rough shrieking calls. A major part of taking care of these birds centers on its feeding habits. Their diet mostly contains berries and seeds. It can also feed on crops like millets. However, they also like to eat fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, if you can manage to cater to all the necessary requirements of the peach faced lovebird, buy one and keep it as your pet. Trust me; it would be a wonderful experience!