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Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet MacawIf you are a lover of Avian species, the Scarlett Macaw surely won’t pass your eyes. With its colorful feathers and beautiful stature on air, they are one of the most beautiful species of parrots originating from the Amazon territories, Honduras and Brazil.

Its notable scarlet plumage and blue tail standout the most, hence the name. They survive on various fruits and nectars and can live up to 70 years although the standard lifespan is 50 years. Mostly, they can be seen flying in pairs and seldom in large flocks.

Usually, the female Scarlet Macaw lays three eggs. After 28 days of incubation, the eggs are hatched on nests built is tree cavities. The young Scarlet Macaws stay with their parents for at least 90 days and becomes independent after a year or so.

Their natural habitat consists of tropical rainforests and river edges. This is so because they thrive in places with humid temperature.

Through the years, the Scarlet Macaw decreased in numbers causing them to be included in the list of endangered species. Frequent hunting, bird trade, and deforestation are the main reasons for this.

And because of its growing rarity, Scarlet Macaws have become pretty expensive. This is Scarlet Macaw owners take really good care of them. Scarlet Macaw requires a large cage to be hung in well-lit areas. Because they like water, there should be a ready bowl of water inside the cage.

However, the cage size is not enough to keep the Scarlet Macaw active. They should be given enough attention and affection so they don’t get bored and stressed which can later cause death.